New Artist Spotlight: Ryan Kinder

If you ever wanted to say “yeah I saw that artist back in a venue with a few dozen people, now he’s winning artist of the year!” Ryan Kinder is that artist. The country music singer sang at the Foundry, a smaller venue within the Fillmore in Philadelphia, last night to a crowd of no more than 50. The setting was intimate, with people in the crowd having actual conversations with the band mid set. We heard about why they were drinking tea (New York late nights = tea the following days), we were asked for feedback on new songs, and Ryan genuinely thanked the crowd several times. Kinder does not yet have a full album released, but informed us all that hopefully it is released early next year. Fans that came to see him know him from a few of his singles such as Kiss Me When I’m Down (his first song released in 2014), Close which is his most popular song and has made it on several radio stations, and Still Believe in Crazy Love. Still Believe in Crazy Love is a beautiful song that took Kinder’s career to a new level with a song that touches everyone. As he said in a Billboard article, some people take it with redemption, some a heavy heart, but everyone can relate.

After the concert, Kinder was taking pictures with fans, shaking everyone’s hands, and signing autographs. Everything felt incredibly genuine, that he was so thankful for people to come out and listen to him. Afterwards, I told him how my favorite song was Still Believe in Crazy Love, and Ryan asked if everything was okay. Upon saying yes, he told me how many fans are usually struggling when they say that, which made me realize how he was seriously asking me how I was doing. Small artist, mid level, or superstar, no one has to ask how a fan is doing, they can just say thank you. Kinder is as good of a guy as it gets. The rest of the tour dates can be found on his website, and I highly recommend keeping an ear and eye out for the album release. And if you haven’t heard Still Believe in Crazy Love, give it a listen, it’s worth your time. Ryan Kinder is going to make a splash with this new album, if you haven’t heard it yet, you heard it here first.

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