What Ifs vs What If

Many people are familiar with “What Ifs” by Kane Brown. Less known is “What If” by Taylor Ray Holbrook. With two song titles so similar, what makes these two songs stand apart? We’ll start with some quick facts.

Song Title

What If

What Ifs

Male Singer

Taylor Ray Holbrook

Kane Brown

Female Featured Singer

Magnolia Vale

Lauren Alaina


What If (Single)

Kane Brown

Spotify Play Count



Release Date

August 27, 2017

December 2, 2016

Undoubtedly, What Ifs is the more popular of the two. And not to choose the mainstream choice but spoiler alert- it’s the better song. But What If is incredibly underrated as a song.
What Ifs is a back and forth between Kane and Lauern Alaina (who he went to high school with, if you missed every country news outlet ever) and implies there is already a relationship. It feels like you’re at the point of “is this forever or should we call it, I don’t know if we can make it.” They are asking what if it is the relationship, the one that ends in marriage.

“What if one of these days, baby, I go and change your name?”

In love, there are many reasons to say why it won’t work, but if you spend all the time focusing on why no, you miss the why not.

We could worry about them what ifs ’til the world stops turnin’? Or I could kiss you. What if you liked it? Well we ain’t never gonna know unless we try it.

This song, written by Kane and Jordan Schmidt, has the catchiness of a mainstream radio song. But the lyrics are undoubtedly fantastic and very relatable. There is a reason it was a #1 hit.


What Ifs was the easy one to write about. This might be the first time you have ever heard of What If, or Taylor Ray Holbrook. What If isn’t even a top 5 song on his Spotify page (it’s Southern Land if that helps you connect, very different song, over 9 million plays) but I feel that it is his best song. As opposed to how What Ifs already feels like you’re in the relationship, What If feels like you are just going to start one.

“Whoa, but what if? I take a chance on you. Do what we wanna do. And what if? These feelings keep on getting stronger”

Later, there is the fear of a new relationship and opening up, which gives off similar vibes to What Ifs. Both are in places of making a decision, which puts people in vulnerable spots. One is making the first leap, one is making the final push, and both songs hit on that feeling of being afraid.

“What if you lie, you cheat, we fall apart? You break my heart… What if we grow old with a couple of kids? What if?”

In the end, both songs make you feel like fighting through being afraid is worthwhile. Whether you are starting a new love or committing to someone forever, there are reasons to be afraid. But what if(s)…


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