3 New Songs Dropped Today

We’re coming at you with 3 new tracks that dropped at midnight. I stayed up just to listen to these and get the early scoop. Check them out:

Over Me by Mark McCabe, Ovie, and Aimée 

Catchy pop love song, amazing female vocalist (because I’m also friends with her) and a quick chart riser. All the artists are from Ireland so it might not get the publicity in the US, but we give you the world exclusives here at Jams only. Listen to it at your pregame or the dance floor. 5/5 Stars.


Never Be The Same (feat. Kane Brown) by Camila Cabello, Kane Brown

I was disappointed but only because it was advertised as Kane being featured because it “could be like a country song.” Yet it is a stretch and a half to say this is country. Had I gone in without this preconceived notion I’d probably like it more, but as a huge Kane fan it was below the bar for me. Still a solid chill jam, just not sure I’ll be listening to it a month from now still. 2.5/5 Stars.


Neon Love by Madeline Merlo

A catchy upbeat song, as has been Madeline’s MO. Great for a summer car jam or sunny afternoon tailgate. This is probably more what I expected from Kane’s song; it’s still a produced song, but distinctively country. I don’t see it being huge since Madeline still isn’t a big name on the country scene, but it’s a song I see myself listening to through the summer. 4.25/5 Stars.

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