Hello and welcome to Jams Only. This is a little project I am going to be working in which I post and blog about what I think are absolute jams in each genre. I will also be reviewing albums, giving them a percentile scored based on how many of the tracks are jams. So for example, if an 18 track album is released and 4 of them are jams, the album receives a score of 22%. Which isn’t a terrible score – “Jams Only” is a high standard to hold, but one that we should abide by out of duty to ourselves and those around us.

What exactly are “jams?” You know when you and your buddies are listening to music, and its just kind of in the background, and then a song just pops on and your just like “Hell yea dude this song is a fucking jam.” That is a jam. To live a “jams only” lifestyle is to try to eliminate the filler music from your life, and concentrate on the good stuff. It is to hold artists to the standard of producing great, jamming music. And finally and most importantly, it is to hold your friends accountable when they play filler, and likewise accept their criticism of you when you deviate from the “jams only” path.

So, that being said, going forward I will be recording on this site all of the songs that I believe are jams. I will also try to add a list for each genre titled “Certified Jams,” which contain only the highest quality jams around. Anyway, welcome to the site, and I hope you enjoy your walk with me on the journey for jams.

If you have any jams that you believe deserve recognition, feel free to shoot them over to me at officialjamsonly@gmail.com. Disclaimer: if its not a jam, its not going on the site.


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