Zara Larsson, MNEK – Never Forget You


In a time when pop radio is pretty much dominate by pop/trap fusion, this song always stood out to me. The beat is absolutely unreal – trap is always heavy on the hi-hats, but the combination of different hi-hats that come together just to make up one line of the drumbeat is nothing short of masterful.

It is the vocals, however that truly make this a jam for me. The sneaky best part about it is how heavily the male-female vocal roles contrast with that of the typical male-female duet trope. In this song,  it is Zara Larsson (the female vocalist) that provides the powerful voice, while MNEK (the male vocalist) that compliments her with sweet, smooth, melodic lines. Pair this perfect combination with a dope hook and you’ve got yourself a jam.

Zara Larsson / MNEK Links:


Instagram: zaralarsson, mnek




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