Travis Scott – Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

After delay after delay (and more delays) young La Flame finally released his much anticipated sophomore album, “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” and it did not disappoint. The feature heavy album is definitely an improvement from his first album, ‘Rodeo’ as it maintains Scott’s signature dark mood setting style with heavy production and autotune that carry us through the album.

The album starts out solid with some creative beats and ‘good enough’ rapping by Scott. To be honest if you’re looking for brilliant and deep lyricism, this isn’t the album for you as Scott has never been known for his lyrical content, but with production like ‘pick up the phone’ and features like Kendrick Lamar and André 3000 it’s very easy to overlook ‘eh’ bars from T. Scott himself. Outside of the singles (pick up the phone and wonderful), ‘coordinate’ and ‘goosebumps’ stood out as Travis Scott at his best.

The album has no particular theme and I’m not going to sit here and try and bullshit one but let’s be honest, does anyone really care? Travis Scott’s a cool ass dude that likes to talk about drugs, and that’s enough for me right now. Throw in a braggadocios Weeknd sing/rap verse and one from the master of meaningless flow, Young Thug and that’s all you need. And of course the ad-lib king has enough of them to have us randomly spurting out “la flame” and “straight up” in the grocery store.

Overall, The album gave us exactly what we’ve come to expect from Travis Scott and that could be it’s biggest criticism. While his early projects Owl Pharaoh and Days Before Rodeo showed some promise for the young rapper to potentially succeed his mentor, his lack of growth as an artist since then leaves us wondering how much longer we can bump his drug influenced tracks before we build a tolerance, lose our high, and move onto the next hot thing.

On a scale of 1-Days Before Rodeo, I’d give this a solid 7. Definitely worth the listen if you need something to kick back to.


“Coordinate the xan with the lean in my rock star skinnies”

“No that ain’t my girl that was just a hobby”


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