Taylor Swift Brings Full Catalog to Spotify – Is Still the GOAT of Marketing

Hey Katy Perry, remember that nice edgy comeback you’ve been rolling out? The SNL spot that was going to put you back on the map just in time for Summer17?

Get posterized.

As of midnight last night, Taylor Swift’s full catalog was returned to Spotify.

One could argue that this perfectly timed move was meant to capitalize on the fact that streaming is now the music industry’s primary source of revenue with a massive throwback binge to kick off the summer, but let’s be honest; we all know what this was really about – finishing the feud with that Miley-Cyrus rip-off once and for all.

If you come at the T-Swift machine, you’d best not miss, because it will banish your comeback campaign so far into the Shadow Realm that not even Migos can save you.

In any case, happy Friday, happy beach weekend, and happy summer



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